Every Friday I post a roundup of my favorite links, articles, images and videos from around the web. If you have any suggestions that I may have missed put them in the comments. Links open in a new tab/window.

[Link] WINNER: Distributed flight project, multiple single-prop helicopters which can’t fly on their own but can work together to stay in stable flight. This is amazing.

[Link] A cool mod on Hack-a-day where a guy connected a SNES-like controller to an Arduino and used it to programatically control games.

[Link] Using a waffle iron to transfer toner to a PCB for home fabrication.

[Link] 10 tips to building muscle. These are actual quality tips, not just spam. :)

[Link] GQ interview with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, he seems like a really interesting person.

[Link] IFTTT, the incredibly useful web-automation tool comes to iPhone

[Video] The Fantastic Mr. Feynman, an excellent biography of quite possibly my favorite scientist ever. The man was so interesting and really worked hard to make science seem fun and approachable. It has been blocked for me, but maybe you will have better luck. I came across this video on Tim Ferris’ blog.

[Link] Shameless Plug: I wrote this buying guide comparing the BeagleBone Black and the Raspberry Pi. It took quite a while to fully research and compile my results. If you are looking for a good comparison of the two, I believe this is it.

[Video] A cool video of testing a FPV quad-copter indoors.

[Link] Ask Jon Hamm a question and get an answer on live TV from the comfort of my couch? Interesting take on interactive video.

[Link] Is Apple still the king of consumer design? I’ve been asking myself this question for the past year or so.

[Link] A handy guide posted to MAKE on how to properly use a CNC machine.

[Link] A good old fashioned Gedanken joke from XKCD, for the Physicist in all of us

[Link] And back on the Apple theme, Apple have bought the mapping data company Locationary. It sounds like a promising acquisition.

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