Every Friday I post a roundup of my favorite links, articles, images and videos from around the web. If you have any suggestions that I may have missed put them in the comments. Links open in a new tab/window.

[Link] Winner: Want a better RSS feed? Trying to learn something novel? Would you like to explore an unfamiliar topic? Give Learnist a shot.

If you don’t look at any more links on this page, at least watch this teaser trailer for Gravity. Who knows if the movie will be any good, but it does a good job of showing how much it would suck to be stranded in space.

[Link] Twitter co-founder says Facebook should go with a freemium model instead of pushing ads that users hate. This is one week ahead of Facebook earnings, should be interesting. I think it’s a good idea, what about you?

[Link] Instructables user xaiobo_ built a cell phone using an Arduino and some add on shields. Impressive work.

[Link] Excellently designed and well built large pixel array from LeonLabs. It doesn’t seem like a particularly difficult design, but I think that’s the point.

[Link] Standing up to grumps in the wild wild world of Linux. Bravery at it’s finest… Seriously though, kudos to her.

[Link] Accomplish things you never thought were possible by building a “mastermind network”. I can’t argue with this idea.

[Link] Confirmed: Rocket engine pulled from the ocean almost a year ago is in fact from the famous Apollo 11 mission.

[Link] Want a water cooled Raspberry Pi?

[Link] MobileWill documents the build process for a homemade reflow oven.

[Link] The Leap Motion controller is what looks like a very high quality motion based controller for your computer. I’m going to wait until a few reviews come out but this may be on the wish list soon.

[Link] Hack-a-day funding campaign is over. The hack-a-day community was not able to raise enough money for a community owned web-site to be feasible. They say there have been a few other offers so the site will go on.

[Link] This Hack-a-day user built a movable camera mount that is controlled by its 3D model in Blender, impressive stuff.

[Link] If you just can’t get enough of learning, here is a list of 20 free resources for learning online.

This crazy cool video shows how one Lifehacker has nearly completely automated his house using NFC and Voice Control.

[Link] Do you have the next big idea but haven’t been able to convince others yet? Well don’t worry, pretty much every new idea was considered crazy at some point.

[Link] If you’re not using Chrome, you should be. If you are using Chrome, check out this list of extensions by Lifehacker.

[Link] Nvidia is trying to bring the next generation of graphics to mobile devices, this looks promising.

[Link] Managing your online reputation, you are who Google says you are. This post from IEEE discusses the importance of establishing and maintaining an online presence.

[Link] Monitoring your sick bird with Raspberry Pi. This one sounds super specific but if you want to do any motion sensing surveillance this may be a good hack to look at.


“I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

[Link] Google announces Chromecast, which is an easy way to stream content from your mobile to your TV. I’ll take one, please and thank you.

[Link] Apple has been buying AAPL shares like hotcakes. They must be very hungry, at $16 BILLION, that’s a lot of hotcakes. It seems they are extremely confident in their future which could be a good sign for you Apple heads.

That’s it for this week, have a great Friday!

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