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Pixy CMUcam5 – Hands on First Impressions

In late August 2013 I stumbled across
this Kickstarter project for the CMUcam5 Pixy. Almost immediately I realized the possibilities for such a device and was happy to throw my (limited) money at the project. After signing in to my Kickstarter account and navigating back to the project page I decided to back the Pixy + Pan/Tilt mechanism. This backer level gets you the base Pixy, as well as a dual servo assembly that can hold the Pixy and pan/tilt the device to follow an object.

Well today I finally got to lay hands on my CMUcam5 Pixy and this article is just a brief introduction to my first experience with the Pixy. I plan to have more articles down the road as well as a comprehensive post to

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CNC Milled PCBs – Alternative Prototyping

This is a guest post from Thomas Amely on how to make your own CNC milled PCBs. A short author bio is included at the bottom of this post. Have fun making and enjoy the post!

Within the maker community there exists a sub-community of makers who have access to or have built their own CNC mills; I am one of those makers. Never being one to own a single purpose device I set out to mill circuits of my own design with my desktop CNC machine.

While many of my designs have reached a level of complexity which is well beyond the capabilities of this workflow, I still regularly create prototype circuits following this process. This is my workflow.
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