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Cross-Compile and Remote Deploy for BeagleBone Black Using Eclipse

Note (9/7/2015): This article is over 2 years old at this point and while Linux and Eclipse have had a few updates in that time, this article has not had the same luxury. Perhaps the instructions below will be of assistance to you but if not, check the comments.

This article explains in detail how to cross-compile for BeagleBone Black then easily run your program from within Eclipse.

Since I began developing the SensorCape for BeagleBone Black I have been doing more and more work in the BeagleBone environment. One of the first things I learned is that it is possible to develop and build your applications directly on the BBB, but it is certainly not an efficient use of time. As your projects grow larger you will find yourself wanting to move away from the command line and be able to use an IDE. Additionally, the processor on the BBB will eventually begin to act as a limit on how quickly you can compile. Continue Reading…