Choosing Electronic Design CAD Software

The first step is to choose what CAD package you will be using in order to design your PCB. There are a dizzying amount of options on the market and I don’t know that I can even attempt to list them all, but here are some of your options:

So I wasn’t lying, it’s a big list! When we narrow it down and look at what’s practical though, I think the first three options are the most interesting for hobbyists.

As I said in the summary, EAGLE is a very popular package and has a huge community of hobbyists that use it for their projects. Unfortunately there are some nagging issues with EAGLE that have caused me to abandon it in search of greener pastures

For various reasons, I ultimately decided on KiCad, but since this isn’t a comparison article I won’t go into details. If you are curious about my reasoning, this article does a good job of highlighting what I didn’t like about EAGLE, though I don’t fully agree with his assessment of KiCad.