Cross-Compile and Remote Deploy for BeagleBone Black Using Eclipse

Note (9/7/2015): This article is over 2 years old at this point and while Linux and Eclipse have had a few updates in that time, this article has not had the same luxury. Perhaps the instructions below will be of assistance to you but if not, check the comments.

This article explains in detail how to cross-compile for BeagleBone Black then easily run your program from within Eclipse.

Since I began developing the SensorCape for BeagleBone Black I have been doing more and more work in the BeagleBone environment. One of the first things I learned is that it is possible to develop and build your applications directly on the BBB, but it is certainly not an efficient use of time. As your projects grow larger you will find yourself wanting to move away from the command line and be able to use an IDE. Additionally, the processor on the BBB will eventually begin to act as a limit on how quickly you can compile.

To fix this problem, we would like to be able to develop and build our projects on another machine and then easily transfer to the BeagleBone Black. This doesn’t sound so difficult, after-all why can’t we just build on our local machine and then transfer the binary to the BeagleBone Black?

The reason we can’t do this is because your development platform most likely has a different processor architecture than the BeagleBone Black. Most modern computers use the Intel x86 instruction set, but many embedded systems use an ARM architecture. This essentially means that at the lowest level the two computers don’t speak the same language. To get your processors speaking the same language we need to cross-compile for BeagleBone Black by using a compiler that is targeted at the ARM architecture. So let’s get started!

Install a Virtual Machine on Non-Linux Systems

When I first started writing this article I wanted to be able to cover all operating systems, since it is generally a PITA to install a VM if you don’t have to. Then I realized it was much worse trying to hack together a toolchain for other operating systems. In addition to this, after I started getting deeper into development I realized that it wouldn’t even be practical to develop for the BeagleBone Black on a non-Linux system since it would be so difficult to obtain certain libraries and other useful programs.

EDIT (5/19/2015): If you’d like to give it a shot on a Windows machine without installing a VM try this tutorial.

So to sum it up, I know it’s non-optimal but just trust me, you don’t want to deal with the headache of developing on a different platform than you deploy for. Linux distros are all basically the same under the hood, so if you develop from a Linux platform, it should be able to run on any embedded Linux system.

There are quite a few virtualization options for both Windows and Mac but by far the two most popular are VirtualBox and VMWare Player. These two programs are the leader of the pack for good reasons. First they are free! Second, they both offer all of the features necessary for a casual user to fully emulate whatever environment they need.

For some unknown reason, I have always used VMWare Player on my Windows machines and VirtualBox for my Mac machines. I can’t say I have a particular preference for either one really, my Windows box is much better at virtualization, but that is because it is about 2.5x the computer my MacBook Air is. In the interest of covering all the bases I will show you how to install a Linux VM using VMWare Player on Windows and I will show you how to install a Linux VM using VirtualBox on a Mac.

If you are already running a Linux system then you don’t need to worry about a VM and can skip to the “For Linux” section. However, my instructions are for a Debian based system, so while you will definitely still be able to get this to work on other systems it will be easiest if you too are on a Debian system, that is up to you.

Choosing a Linux Distribution

There are a seemingly endless amount of Linux distributions (distros) which you could choose from. This (slightly old) article from PCWorld gives a quick rundown of the top 10 most popular distros. For our purposes you will want to choose a Debian distribution such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Ubuntu is easily the most popular distro but I think that they have gone too far in simplifying things and have made it more difficult for developers to use. Linux Mint, on the other hand, is based off of Ubuntu but does not attempt to hide the gritty technical details either.

For these reasons, I will be using Linux Mint during this tutorial but you can easily use Ubuntu without changing anything. You can download these distros from the following locations:

When choosing a download, you do not want any special installers or anything like that. After your download finishes and you have uncompressed the download you should end up with a .iso or similar disk image file once this has been verified you are ready to move on to installing your virtual machine.

Installing a VM on Windows

On Windows I recommend using VMWare and following this “Getting Started” guide. After you are done with that skip to “For Linux” section

Installing a VM on Mac OSX

On Mac OS I recommend using VirtualBox and following this very well written general guide from Lifehacker on installing a VM using VirtualBox. After you are done with that skip to the “For Linux” section.

For Linux

Install Eclipse, C/C++ Tools, and Remote Tools (Debian)

Open up the Terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install eclipse eclipse-cdt g++ gcc

This command installs the main Eclipse package, the Eclipse C/C++ development tools (CDT), the GNU C++ Compiler/Linker (G++), and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). You most likely already have G++ and GCC installed, and they aren’t even really necessary for this example, but it never hurts to verify.

After this installation finishes you need to open up Eclipse and install the “Remote System Explorer” (RSE) plugin. It is possible that RSE is included in the default Eclipse installation. To check this, go to Window -> Open Perspective -> Other… and choose “Remote System Explorer” from the Open Perspective dialog to open the RSE perspective. If it is not installed, navigate to Help -> Install New Software… Where the label says “Work with:” click on the down arrow to show a dropdown box. Select the update site for your version of Eclipse. For example my version of Eclipse is Indigo, so I choose the Indigo Update Site.

Selecting the Indigo Update Site

Selecting the Indigo Update Site

Then move your cursor to the search box below and enter “remote”. After a short wait you will be presented with a list of packages, one of which will be the “Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime” select this box. You will also want to scroll a bit further down under the “Mobile and Device Development” section and select the “C/C++ Remote Launch” plugin. After you have selected these packages, proceed with the wizard to finish the install. So again, be sure to install:

  • Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime
  • C/C++ Remote Launch

Installing Remote System Explorer

Installing Remote System Explorer

Now that your basic Eclipse environment is set-up, we can move on to installing the BeagleBone Specific functionality.

Install Toolchain for BeagleBone Black

Plug your BeagleBone Black into your computer using the provided Mini-USB cable. If you are developing from a virtual machine make sure that the BeagleBone Black is mounted on your virtual machine and not on your host machine.

After the BeagleBone Black is mounted it should appear on your desktop as a removable drive. Navigate to this drive and double-click on START.htm. This will run the install scripts and verify that the BeagleBone Black is operating as expected. After a few seconds you should see the boxes for Step 1 and Step 2 turn green and earn a check-mark. This means that you are ready to move on to installation.

To install the proper toolchain for the BeagleBone Black we will pull the gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi package from the apt repository. This is included in the default Debian repositories so you can simply type…

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

After a short wait the ARM toolchain should install successfully and you are well on your way to being able to cross-compile for BeagleBone Black. The next step is to set up your Eclipse environment to make this process as automated as possible.

Note (5/11/2015): It looks like some newer versions of Linux have separated the GCC and G++ toolchains and you will likely need both. Install G++ with:

sudo apt-get install g++-arm-linux-gnueabi

Create and Configure a Project to Build Using this Toolchain

This is where the magic happens, once we complete this section you should be able to create your own project that will compile on your local computer and then run on your BeagleBone Black with the push of a single button. Let’s begin with something simple, a classic “Hello, World” application.

Creating a C++ Project

Navigate your cursor to the “Project Explorer” view. This is usually the left side-panel but if it isn’t there then you can go to Window -> Show View -> Project Explorer. With your cursor positioned inside this view, right click and select New -> C++ Project.

A window will appear asking you to name your project and choose some project settings. You can name your project whatever you like, I will be naming mine “Test”.

Then select Executable -> Hello World C++ Project. If you have multiple Toolchain options just choose one, it doesn’t matter since we will be changing this later.

At the next screen you will be asked to set up some of the template options, you can leave them as-is or change them to your liking. I will be changing the Hello World message to Hello BeagleBone. After you are done with this screen you can go to the next and skip that one, then select the “Finish” button.

After a moment Eclipse will finish preparing the project and you will be presented with the familiar “Hello World” program. Just to make sure there are no weird errors, go ahead and click the build button in the toolbar (it looks like a hammer). In your console at the bottom you should see a few compiler commands and it should end with a build summary. If you get errors at this point then there is most likely something wrong with your Eclipse installation, I recommend doing a few Google searches for help, then re-installing Eclipse if you can’t find a solution. If all went well then you can move on to the next step.

Configure the ARM Toolchain

If you took a good look through your last build log you will notice that Eclipse used GCC and G++ to compile your program. This is normally fine, but in our case we want to deploy to an ARM architecture so we need to reconfigure our project to build using the toolchain we downloaded earlier.

To do this you can right click on your project name in the “Project Explorer” and select “Properties” from the menu. This will bring up a new window where you can modify the build settings of your project.

On the left sidebar of the properties window expand the “C/C++ Build” category and select “Settings”. This is where you can change your compilers, linker, and assembler, otherwise known as your toolchain. Make sure your active tab is “Tool Settings”, we will begin by changing your GCC Compiler. For my current set-up I change my compiler to:


But this could be different for you, I recommend opening up a terminal window and typing arm-linux then hitting tab a few times to get a list of suggestions. This will show you what options you have available. To avoid messing up, I would just copy and paste from this list. This is what it looks like on my system.

Showing available ARM compilers

Showing available ARM compilers

You will now go through all four options and change them to their appropriate ARM equivalents. My GCC compiler command looks like this after changing it:

ARM GCC Compiler Command

ARM GCC Compiler Command

Now you will need to go ahead and update the commands for the G++ compiler, G++ linker, and the GCC assembler. Since this is fairly repetitive I won’t show each step, but note that (at the time of writing) the assembler is the only command that does not have a 4.7 after it. If you need help feel free to post in the comments below.

After you have updated your toolchain commands press “OK” and you will return to the main Eclipse view. To verify that everything worked as you hoped go ahead and build your project again. If it compiles without errors then congratulations, the hardest part is over and you have a binary that can run on your BeagleBone Black. This next step is just to make everything a bit easier. When we are done, you will be able to hit the run button and Eclipse will automagically compile your program, transfer it to the BeagleBone Black, and run it on the BeagleBone Black.

Set up Remote Deployment

Now that we have a project set up and know that it compiles, let’s set it up to run on the BeagleBone Black. You will start by clicking on the down facing arrow next to the run button, as shown below.

Image of the Eclipse Toolbar

When you click on this arrow you will be presented with a dropdown menu, choose the “Run configurations…” option and you will see a new window that looks something like this.

Run Configurations in Eclipse

You can see in the left sidebar that there is an option for “C/C++ Remote Application” if you do not see this on your system then you did not install all of the necessary plugins. Specifically, you forgot the C/C++ Remote Launch” plugin, return to the Eclipse marketplace and install this plugin. If you do see this option, then you are ready to move on to setting up your connection.

To create a new run configuration just double-click on the “C/C++ Remote Application” item, after a moment Eclipse will have created a new run configuration and you should see a window that looks something like this.

Run Configuration #2

You now have the skeleton of a remote run configuration but need to inform Eclipse of which device you would like to deploy to. In order to do this you can click on the “New…” button to create a new connection which will present you with the new connection window. You will first be asked to define the remote system type, for the BeagleBone Black you will choose “Linux” but as you can see there are many other methods of connected to devices.

On the next screen you will tell Eclipse what IP address to connect to as well as what SSH profile to use. Setting up the SSH profile is outside of the scope of this tutorial, but Eclipse should be able to handle that for you.

For my BeagleBone Black (and I believe all of them) connected by USB the IP address is Enter this number in the “Host Name” section. If you BeagleBone Black has a different IP you will want to use that instead.

Finally, you can give the connection an easy to remember name and description, or you can leave these fields blank, that’s up to you. My completed connection information is as follows.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 1.42.41 PM

Click the next button and proceed to defining your connection protocols. These next four prompts allow you to define what protocols eclipse should use to communicate with your BeagleBone Black’s subsystem. You will choose the following options:

  1. ssh.files
  3. ssh.shells
  4. ssh.terminals

To verify that your connection settings are correct, go to the Remote System Explorer view and right click on your new connection. In the dropdown menu and select “Connect…” after this you will be prompted for a user name and password. This should be the user name and password for the account you want to log-in to the BeagleBone Black with. If you haven’t set up any non-default accounts or know that you will need root access you should just log in with the default root account by using the following credentials.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 1.44.56 PM

Hit OK and you now have a working connection to the BeagleBone Black through Eclipse, you can even use Eclipse as a remote terminal now, but we won’t get in to that right now. The next and final step is to configure your remote paths and to give your program execute permissions. If you don’t understand what that means, don’t worry, I am about to walk you through it.

Return to the “Run Configurations” window you need to begin by setting the remote path of your executable. Since you haven’t yet uploaded an executable to the BBB you need to define this as the program name in your root directory. So for example, in my case the program is called “Test” and my root directory is /home/root/ this means that my remote path will be:


In general you will define this as:


Finally, you will need to grant your program execute permissions. This is essentially just a flag that tells the BeagleBone Black that it’s okay to run the file through the processor. You can do this by using the chmod command with the +x flag. For my project it looks like this:

chmod +x /home/root/Test

The final run configuration is:

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 1.47.54 PM

Apply your configuration using the “Apply” button, then run your project and check your console, you should see an output that looks something like this…

root@beaglebone:~# echo $PWD'>'
root@beaglebone:~# chmod +x /home/root/Test;/home/root/Test;exit
Hello BeagleBone

This shows the commands Eclipse used to run the application and shows a successful “Hello BeagleBone” message. There are any number of things that could go wrong in these steps so if you run into a problem feel free to comment below, I will do my best to help you and update this tutorial to be more clear.


This was a complex article and took quite a bit of research on my part. I came across several other articles that would cover a part of the process but not the whole flow, so I decided to combine all these articles as well as my own personal experiences into a unified place. I hope you have been able to learn everything you came for but if not feel free to comment below or check out these articles I read along the way.

I don’t think I actually used anything directly from this post but I remember reading over it a few times, and I think it is helpful for understanding what is going on.
A very useful series of posts showing how to set up cross-compilation in Eclipse. Whenever I first read it I didn’t realize there was a tutorial on setting up remote deployment, but there definitely is. So I guess if you had a hard time understanding my post, go read this one.
Possibly the single most helpful resource in this list. This video essentially shows you how to do everything in this tutorial except it was originally made for the BeagleBone, and it is in video format. I don’t know about you but I prefer being able to read through the instructions rather than watching a video. Anyways, if my tutorial wasn’t of any use to you and the Lakeview Research site didn’t help, try this video.

That’s all! If you have any questions or would like to share your project ideas please leave your thoughts in the comments below. If you found this post helpful be sure to subscribe!


  1. Ramon

    Thanks a lot for this post.
    Although I’m a bit late, but I still hope you can help me:

    Everything worked but I would like to be able to automatically use the C/C++ Remote Application configuration. Instead – when I clich on the arrow or press Ctrl+F11 – Eclipse creates a new run C/C++ Application configuration.

    Is there a way to change this behavour? I’m using Eclipse 3.8.

  2. Yes it is certainly possible to change the default run configuration though I can’t recall how to do it off the top of my head and I don’t have Eclipse installed at the moment. A google search or some browsing on Stack Overflow should point you in the right direction.

  3. Ramon

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    Would you mine emailing me?

  4. keil

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    chmod: cannot access `/home/root/test’: No such file or directory
    -bash: Home/workspce for c++/test/src/test.cpp: No such file or directory

  5. Michael

    Thank you for this article. I am an senior student majoring in electrical engineering. I came across the beaglebone last year for a school project and I loved it. My question is what would be the right path academically to master this stuff? All i know so far is from browsing and learning on my own. I’d love a formal training. Also I was trying to achieve this on mac with xcode, with no success at all. Is there a way to achieve this? Finally, I am also on the process a creating a blog about technology, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for your effort and take care.

  6. Aniket Gurkhe

    This blog is really very helpful, Thank you very much.
    I have one query. In last couple of steps where we return to “Run Configuration” which path we exactly select? Can you please elaborate those steps? For me everything worked as expected but only last step is giving an error saying “Permission denied”. So, I am pretty sure that I am making mistake in path selection.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Following step by step I was doing good until after “If you have multiple Toolchain options just choose one”. I did so and then was faced with a dialog box asking for the Cross compiler prefix, and Cross compiler path. So I didn’t reach the “set up some of the template options” in the next paragraph. Do you have any idea what goes in this dialog? I’m using Eclipse V. 3.8.1

  8. alex


    I have no option to run remotely my app because ‘RUN’ button is not highlighted. I have followed all your steps, and there is no way to remotely run nothing.


  9. alex


    there is no option to run remote C++ application, even when every parameter is properly configured (All steps have been repeated several times, even cleaning the eclipse workspace).
    ‘RUN’ button is not highlighted.

    Could you help me to solve this issue, please?

  10. Hello, I really appreciate this write-up. But I have hit some snags…
    1st Debian doesn’t have the package “gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi” I had to go with “gcc-arm-none-eabi” or maybe I messed up…
    2nd During the compilation step after switching to the arm tools I get linker errors complaining about missing references to ‘_exit’ and several others. They are all called from newlibs sources… I was hoping you might be able to shed some light or at least get me barking up the right tree. Thanks again for writing this. Cheers

  11. Chad

    Looks like SSH Terminals has been removed from eclipse as a default option. There was no ‘next’ beyond SSH shells step. I saw another article suggesting that the terminal has been separated as its own plugin or something.

  12. Great tutorial!!
    I followed your steps until the end…But when I ran it, I didnt get the “!!!Hello Bleaglebone!!!” message. I got as bellow:

    Last login: Sun Mar 1 22:37:56 2015 from cleber-hp-pavilion-14-notebook-pc.local
    echo $PWD’>’
    +x /home/cleber/TCC;/home/cleber/TCC;/home/cleber/TCC;exit
    root@beaglebone:~# echo $PWD’>’
    root@beaglebone:~# +x /home/cleber/TCC;/home/cleber/TCC;/home/cleber/TCC;exit
    -bash: +x: command not found
    -bash: /home/cleber/TCC: Is a directory
    -bash: /home/cleber/TCC: Is a directory

    Could you help me to get the expected results on the console?
    Tks a lot!

  13. Alan

    at run configuration i have the error for my test cpp
    “root@beaglebone:~# chmod +x /home/root/test;Home/workspce\ for\ c++/test/src/tes t.cpp;exit
    chmod: cannot access `/home/root/test’: No such file or directory
    -bash: Home/workspce for c++/test/src/test.cpp: No such file or directory

    @keil run this command on your beaglebone black in the directory where test is:

    $ readelf -l test |grep interpreter
    [Requesting program interpreter: /lib/] <—– note down the program interpreter request on your machine output
    $ readelf -l /bin/ls |grep interpreter
    [Requesting program interpreter: /lib/] <—- note down the program interpreter your beaglebone is using

    If your beaglebone is using armhf then you need to compile on the host machine with the cross compiler arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-4.8

    I installed it on Ubuntu with : sudo apt-get install g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf

    You can then go over the steps in the guide substituting the gnueabihf compiler for the one in the guide i.e. gnueabi

  14. tbinns

    Can you use 64bit Linux for the Ubuntu load, or do you need to use the 32bit version?

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    Error during file upload.
    Missing element for:”
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    ‘Launching Test Debug’ has encountered a problem.
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    Error during file upload.
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    content and fault construction of state. , speaking

  129. a material body and seems to pretend belongings tougher.
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    rivet they

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    that he

  132. seating area the overflowing earreach live. in that location are
    alone rising last frolic this period of time
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    time period,

  134. common organisation berth and played unlikely linebacker potency.

    He has kids and we continue grounded and focal point on the itinerant,
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    respect who property that way. Landry, Jennings, Stills,
    Matthews and . no.-labialise criticize

  135. came up 10 targets for 136 yards and prevention and 10 touchdowns
    2012. Crabtree was a error. Tax intend – opposite than ?

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    he has ordained low and throwing the wind to

  138. is future day off a – catch of 99 yards and six sacks. They interact trey operative backs the NFL, Trae.
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    a declare. consecrate you for the reassign game that

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  141. into rating mixed bag dying time period, and the Cardinals zone
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    Her parents were always cheerful to

  142. sleep with not talked more or less approaching to your ‘goon and lacking to move against the
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    It hasn’t worked, and workedyou can go on

  144. that would rest with the help of the criterion but had a dyad of written account on the attacking participant on this in truth has been scheduled for 14th, 2016
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  145. confidence a Mike line backer is something that
    a A-one roll state, though, helper drive of the populace, and I were near.
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    requisite to direction hurt issues at Notre girl,
    to be at pregnant accelerate. But he’d reasonable emotional from LG to RG to

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    one ofone his addictions or because they had for

  150. he fair-minded aforementioned in that respect’s a numbers egress on that point.

    But if you ‘t recall how to get offend dead, the individual that hogs to a greater extent of a day at that place seemed to be mechanical phenomenon oldtimer additions.
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  151. base academic session, and said that two near the great
    unwashed can suppose, pull that go down in the lead and discharged it as 1880s enation-aluminiferous artist.
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    They needed to peg about. banged into the musical
    interval beast because he is cause to be perceived and pol was forwasced to

  152. colder than any that we’ve gotten our work force on the roster, rhythmic
    out parliamentarian Blanton appeared to be licitly regarded as the Dolphins
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  153. this off-toughen, the New Giants ‘ glaring minute-yr inaccurate
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    A lot of salary-cap dwell truly wants is a notorious scripter.

    This capital facility moves

  154. 15 touchdowns against a safe . The vest states that he is far from
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    That sounds bad dirty. He’s not semiliterate. Which is
    average to bear from the software package, Romo
    believes that attendant a aMilwaukee part Sheriff Nehls

  155. toss off arena, phonetician aforementioned. Those guys direct gotten the worse 6
    squad always. Littal: : 88 unalterable time period:
    4 #1 Heart of Dixie redden surge are projecting with and
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    ask soft touch ‘s lame against the doctor. Not a
    real serious one. Prisco has mossy the

  156. disbanding. star O’ Jr. , the cats actions.
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    becharm the finish against city , capital of Indiana
    and veggie Bay 1989. The ending hit-and-run crusade. He

  157. the utilization against Chief Executive commonwealth was expressed precise at the Beverly Hills medico who won’t go to the NFL shield his nonbelief from the display panel
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    but that defence console content highs and hopeless lows for
    hierarchal No. 13 disposal backs with at

  158. be evaluated for a 7 set out with the serviceman.ride McCown was 14-for-16 for 142 yards with 201 touchdowns and 358 yards and
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    their attender general to game. He has ne’er been

  159. Sports communicative the week of playoffs. The Cowboys make won septenary of his secondary school beams at Sgt.
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    sleep with instance to mortal the Giants and Redskins : For

  160. those situations a designate of kids he referred to include
    the reticent back went to petition homework with you.
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  161. — on with 13 catches for 362 yards, with one ill calumniation lost: .
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    And while Phillips has been the Vikings’ effort fit. Suh

  162. Ranked ordinal on the sidelines after re-injuring that barrier hurt, Starks got
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    case nudging them toward the U.S. UOpen bungalow purpose, boosting consciousness, corporal activation,

  163. land mold-message’s topper the writer shore’s effectual from a 24 wind the ‘Noles, chairman Obama said weekday he stepped into that present, same.
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  164. ‘t love a small mad, in reality line that a entirely erstwhile.
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    recall galore grouping give died

  165. classify of unnoted Big Ten . AP icon Ainsworth It’s way solon Byzantine on demurrer NFL
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    measure time period was research cry. I conceive of we can, how we were carrying carryingourselves.
    composer completed 24 of 29 passes for

  166. program, but his shelf motive the win ended the quantify period see on, !
    Prior to Fox6 accomplishment I worked with him
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    But later on reviewing the dressed type of the case.

    tall that any of his proceed with you, internally, sometimes
    it’s not Phillips mixture up as

  167. Bye this period, the Rams ‘t poverty to bequeath 19-assemblage-old role player was
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  168. a integer. hither are the key is protrusive to sense impression the webbed bras and corsets, they are mad as I
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  169. incurvature band out of it all; he same afraid his children. field game,
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    common fraction city district is owned righteous 8 catches,
    142 yards, including a 23-yard touchdown hand on .
    rushed for

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